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Random Act of Kindness

We want to honor children everywhere who face serious illness. 
We would like to partner with YOU to do this.

random acts of kindness sticker.png

How it works:

  1. Sign up below to receive 10 stickers (example is above).

  2. Decide 10 different random acts of kindness you would like to do (our challenge is to complete 10 acts in one month).

  3. Hand a sticker to the recipient of the Random Act of Kindness.

We hope that this will inspire those you help to learn more about children with serious illness and how pediatric palliative care can fill the gaps in care for these children and families.  Many people, including health care professionals, have misconceptions about palliative care and increased awareness can help ensure that children in all communities will be able to access appropriate care.  Awareness will hopefully inspire action and other pediatric palliative care programs to start.  Together we can inspire change and brighten our communities with Random Acts of Kindness.


We're a Friend of Rare Disease Day.


Rare Diseases Day takes place February 28, 2021, and in honor of people with Rare Diseases, specifically children, we are launching our second annual Random Acts of Kindness Campaign.  Thank you for your interest in participating! Click here to view our "friend" page. You can learn more about the many rare diseases by clicking the button below.

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