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Current Family Events

Sign Up Below for Our Current Family Opportunities.

Events and Programs are funded through the Outdoor Equity Grant, Nusenda Foundation, Hancock Family Foundation and Individual donors to ensure our programs continue to be free for families.  Thank you to our incredible funders and donors!


Outdoor Education Program
Summer and Fall 2024

coming soon!

This Albuquerque based program provides opportunities for families with medically complex kids to participate in high-quality education programs designed specifically with their child in mind.  In our program, you'll be getting outside and learning as a family while meeting the educational (and nursing) needs of all of your kids (siblings welcome)!

Nurses are on site to help provide support for medical and mobility needs.


One-on-One Family Support for Medical Trauma and Coping with Stress

Our team fosters healing and coping through Dr. Korie Leigh's services. Korie provide individualized support in one-on-one meetings with the child, siblings, parents, or the entire family through zoom, phone calls, or in-person (within a 100 mile radius of Santa Fe) to meet your specific needs.

We understand children with medical complexity often experience daily medical trauma with their care. Many families run the equivalent of an intensive care hospital unit in their homes causing siblings and parents to feel that trauma while living in an almost constant state of high stress due to the medical needs of their sibling/child.

Please reach out to learn more!


Spring Respite at UNM's Domenici Center

Friday, March 22 from 4-8pm

Need a break?  Come join us at the UNM School of Medicine's Domenici Center for a night off!  Children with medical complexity and their siblings will enjoy a night of fun activities, supported by highly trained pediatric nurses and educators. 

Why family and siblings services?


Our heroes have many needs that take time and energy from parents and caregivers.  As families navigate frequent appointments and hospitalizations, siblings and other family members may have a difficult time maintaining their own daily routine.  Siblings can end up lagging behind in school due to frequent absences.

Hero's Path Palliative Care has a dedicated educational director who will help navigate the school systems for our patients and siblings, and help provide tutoring through a network of volunteers to ensure that children have the best opportunity to succeed at school.  We also will provide fun, engaging family-centered activities at our facility to help families reconnect and build relationships and memories with each other.  These activities will be designed to reduce stress and increase the strength of family relationships.

Nature Education And Outdoor Adventures

Families experience the healing effects of nature while learning and making memories together.  Nurses support the children in these truly inclusive, accessible field days as families relax and enjoy our beautiful surroundings! 

Check out our partners, Nature Matters Academy!

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Family Support Groups

Currently meeting virtually, these support groups feature hands-on monthly boxes that help families process their anticipatory grief, work through their medical trauma, and connect with each other and families like them.  We focus on making memories and learning together!

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