Our Vision:

To empower children with serious illness to live fully by providing outstanding, customized palliative care.

Our Mission:

To provide compassionate, thoughtful, family-centered, home-based pediatric palliative care and to offer resources including respite, education, and networking to support child and family on their path to wellness.

Children and families benefit from an extra layer of support as the palliative care team ensures their advocacy is meaningful.

Children and families enjoy connection to each other and the community through effective, collaborative care, education and inclusive events.

Children and families experience customized services that highlight their unique value and importance.

Children and families feel validated throughout goal-setting and decision making by an understanding palliative care team.





Our Values:

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Connect with us:

Latest updates:

The IRS granted us 501.c.3 status!  We're very excited to have that step finished.  We are working on developing partnerships with area health care leaders and organizations.  We are developing our program design.

A donation of $21.75 will provide one day of service to a child with serious illness.  $152.25 will provide a week of service to that child, and $652.50 provides a month of services for that child!  We will save donations until we have enough money to start services in a sustainable way, for at least 150 children!  You can be a hero and partner with us to ensure these services reach the families as soon as possible!

With a recurring monthly donation of $10 or more, or a one-time donation over $100, you can work with our board president to make a commissioned watercolor painting for you.  We're always looking for input!  If you have ideas, would like to give advice for our program, or would like to partner with us, please contact us through our contact page.