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Cariana Club 

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My daughter Cariana was diagnosed with myeloblastic leukemia just before her second birthday. After about six months of chemotherapy, we knew it wasn’t working, and we would have to try to get her into remission so she could try to get a bone marrow transplant. As she became sicker and sicker, our time in the hospital was more frequent, even after it became clear that her counts were not going to be low enough to attempt the transplant. I ended up spending the last six weeks of her life in a hospital room with her, away from her sister and brother and father, because there was no pediatric hospice or palliative care being offered in our hometown. We wanted to be home together as a family so everyone could be around her in her last days and weeks, but it wasn’t possible, and that had a big impact on our family and on my children’s ability to understand what was happening.When I heard about Hero’s Path and met Jen, I knew this was something I was meant to be involved in. It seems like a natural extension of everything else I have done since Cariana’s death. Everything I do is in some way an effort to honor her legacy"

 We invite you to donate today and help honor Cariana's legacy, by supporting children that are currently facing medical complexities. 

 Cariana's Story as told by her Mom 

Donation Levels 

  • Picuris Peak $1000

  • Sandia Crest $500

  • Manzano Peak $250

Donations can be made over a one-year period. ​

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Gifts for Donors

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