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What is respite care?

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Often, our families who care for these beautiful heroes need some extra support.  Besides parenting, Moms and Dads often also provide the nursing care their child needs.  This can mean severe lack of sleep as they care for their child's needs overnight, being unable to get babysitters who are qualified to care for their child (which means no breaks), and having the extra emotional weight of constant changes in health, frequent doctor and therapy appointments, and many hospitalizations and surgeries. "Caregiver burnout" can bring on health crises for the parents, financial struggles, and other difficulties within the family structure.

All parents need breaks from time to time, but for families with children with complex health needs, there often is no way for them to get these needed self-care breaks.  This is where Hero's Path can help. 

When needed, our heroes can have respite stays within our beautiful, home-like facility. Trained nurses, aides, and companionship volunteers will provide 24/7 care for the child. Our amenities will allow kids to have memorable, fun activities while their parents care for themselves. The palliative care Interdisciplinary team will monitor the child in the setting of respite, allowing the team to get to know the child outside of the clinic experience.

Spring 2021 Respite Program

Our respite program focused on support for the entire family.  Volunteer nurses from Thrive SPC provided care for children with medical needs, and various community partners surrounded the family to give a relaxing, restorative atmosphere.  Families got to interact with other families, and siblings had a blast with other kids!  We will be expanding this pilot program into more rural areas of New Mexico, and lengthening the duration of the program so families have time to network AND step away.

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