Handmade Masks


Children's and adult handmade, reversible, triple layer face masks!  These face masks have received five-star reviews on Etsy.  They are made of high-quality quilter's cotton and a middle layer of flannel, which one scientific study shows to be an effective mixture of fabrics for preventing the spread of viruses.  These masks have a flexible bridge over the nose, and fits the face without gaps.  Comfortable and easy to breathe through.  Tie-back straps enable the best fit without putting pressure on the ears.


For $10, you can choose your fabric (see options below, 1st come, 1st served), choose your size, and then donate.  Alternatively, choose from the already made, ready to ship masks below.  Just specify Letter-Number in the comments box, and donate.

The artisan, The Denim is in the Bag, will donate all $10 to Hero's Path!


Step 1: Choose 1-2 fabrics (face mask is reversible. If you chose 1 fabric, a coordinating solid fabric will be on the other side).

Step 2: Choose a size.

Step 3: Fill out the form below to donate.

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These masks are already made and ready to ship. Please take note of the letter and number of the mask you want to purchase to enter in the form at the bottom of this page.

Size small ready to ship:

Special edition Henna masks:

Special Edition Henna Tattoo style face masks.  These are one of a kind, hand-drawn.  Please note that while these can be machine-washed, please only AIR DRY these masks.  The design was created with fabric paint, which can be destroyed if dried in the dryer.  Gentle cycle is best. 

WHEN ORDERING:  specify "special edition henna tattoo mask" in the dropdown menu and indicate the "HT-#" in the comments.